The Toews Lab is on Youtube. Check out our page to see videos of conference presentations, field methods, and more!


A wood warbler produced through both interspecific and intergeneric hybridization: CBC, Gizmodo, Forbes, Smithsonian, Huffington Post.

Plumage genomics in Audubon’s and myrtle warbler hybrids: UBC Science,, ScienceNews

A Long-form Article in the Living Bird About the Intersection of Genomics and Taxonomy

Isotopes Connect Migrating Warblers: UBC Science, Phys.Org

Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds Interview (starts at 10:38)

Habitat suitability and migration:

Golden-winged/Blue-winged warbler press: Living Bird, Science Daily, The Wildlife SocietyF1000,, 10,000 BirdsWingedWarblers-Fuller

Yellow-rumped warbler genomics: All About Birds, Futurity,, 10,000 Birds


Avian Genomics Review


 Journal of Zoology “Author Spotlight”: Aggression In Betta


Beaty Biodiversity Museum “Year in Science”


Beaty Biodiversity Museum “Bird Bonanza” – CBC News 


Migration, mitochondria and the yellow-rumped warbler:

Audubon magazine


UBC News

Reproductive Isolation in Winter Wrens:



UBC News

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