David Toews (Principal Investigator; toews [at] CV.

David’s research is focused on evolutionary biology, genomics, and molecular ecology in avian systems. Much of his work relies on combining genomic data with other phenotypic, behavioral, and biogeographic information to make inferences about evolutionary processes. His research also takes advantage of the replicated patterns in species radiations, particularly the continental radiation of New World warblers, and his field research has focused on studying hybrids zones of wood warblers in North America.


Dr. Marcella Baiz (Postdoctoral Researcher; baizm [at] Google Scholar.

Marcella’s research is focused on the genetics of speciation and hybridization. Her work takes advantage of variation present in natural hybrid zones between species of New World primates and Parulid warblers to understand the evolution and genomic architecture of reproductive isolation and adaptation.







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