About Us

Our research focuses on evolutionary biology, genomics, and molecular ecology, primarily—but not exclusively—in avian systems. The principal investigator—David Toews—is an Assistant Professor in Department of Biology at Pennsylvania State University.  Much of our work relies on combining genomic data with other phenotypic, behavioral, and biogeographic information to make inferences about evolutionary processes. We take advantage of the replicated patterns in species radiations, particularly the continental radiation of New World warblers, and our field research has focused on studying contact zones and hybrids zones of wood warblers in North America.

We are slowly building a research lab; please see the Prospective Researchers section of this website for more information, or contact us via email about any interest in graduate or postdoctoral mentorship.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hi David,
    I am the VP Research and Conservation for BSC, and Phil Taylor suggested getting in touch with you about a genomic question I have. What email address can I use to reach you?

  2. Hello,

    I am Randy Podoll from Sturgis, SD and the northern Black Hills. I have photos of a hybrid warbler that I took in 2011 that looks practically identical to your 3-warbler hybrid. At the time I called it a Chestnut-sided X Golden-winged warbler singing a Chestnut-sided song. This is an area that has had a few nesting Chestnut-sided warblers and one typical female Golden-winged feeding two hybrid immatures(I believe she mated with a Yellow-rumped Warbler). If you are interested in photos and/or other info let me know. I am not a internet media wizard but I put a couple photos on Flickr to share with SD birders when I saw this article.

    Randy Podoll
    Sturgis, Sd

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